As a child, Kara Stavish remembers being unwell often. Not just your common cold, but illness such as diverticulitis, a collapsed lung, crippling anxiety – to name a few. She battled through each year, made it through college, all while dealing with increasing symptoms. At age 23, she was diagnosed with thyroid and Hashimoto’s  autoimmune disease and was eventually put on medication to control her symptoms. Sadly, this only seemed to make her feel worse.

“I struggled with mood swings, severe anxiety, panic attacks, and mental fog. Physically, the imbalances caused me to gain about thirty pounds. Then in just one month, I lost all that weight and got down to about ninety pounds, which was not healthy for me. This caused a lot of stress and strain on my body,” she recalls.

Armed with newfound determination to become well and shake off the confines of illness once and for all, Kara began doing her own research on the disease and took bold steps to transform her life through a holistic wellness approach.

“I read so many books and spent most of my time researching online. I also took holistic classes, such as Chinese medicine, herbs, essential oils, and
detoxification. As I learnt different methods and techniques of healing, I began to love educating and supporting others as well. I still continue to grow
in knowledge and explore new ways of healing,” she said.

“The first big discovery I had about my health was the impact that food had on my body. I noticed I had food sensitivities and made the choice to remove those from my diet. The more I researched, the more I began realising that I had to make other lifestyle changes to match my new way of eating.”

Kara removed gluten, soy, dairy, sugar, alcohol and caffeine from her diet and began buying only organic food. From there, the next step was to remove anything she could that contained toxic chemicals, including skincare, cleaning products, and cookware. She undertook detoxification regimens for her liver, adrenals, and gut. She also allowed herself more time to manage stress through meditation, yoga, and harnessing the power of essential oils.