Breaking Stereotypes Around Weightlifting For Females Over 40


Weightlifting had the connotation that only young bodybuilders are required and are able to do them. For weight loss, retention, and toning, you don’t need to lift. In this article, we break that stereotype by sharing the story of Sally Barden Johnson who started weightlifting and strength training only when she turned 47.

She shared her initial hesitation about the whole project with the traditional and stereotypical knowledge that she had when it came to weightlifting. However, when she warmed to the idea of it, things about her physicality, attitude, and mood started to improve. “I could do things I thought I would never be able to do, like real push ups, and pull ups starting from a dead hang,” she writes.

This well-written blog is a great way to motivate yourself to begin lifting weights. It sends a progressive message that we at Health Wisdom Magazine can definitely recommend.

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