Doing Yoga Stretches in the First 10 Minutes of Your Day Yields Big Benefits


If you’re looking for an easy exercise that you can actually see yourself doing every single day (and not just when you feel guilty over eating a cake or two), here’s an idea for you! People may think nothing of stretching in the morning, but in fact, it’s actually pretty good cardio. Healthy Foodhouse website encourages people to start their day with some easy yoga stretches for the following reasons:

First, your body needs to get loose, and you need to get that heart pumping. Do you work in the office? That’s another reason to stretch in the morning. Spending your day at the desk has a detrimental effect on your health and body posture.

Who knew that spending the first 10-15 minutes of your day stretching could be the solution to body pains and aches? If you want to learn what yoga stretches you can start with tomorrow morning, read the full article!

Read the source article at Healthy Food House