Take A Break From Technology

Technology can be helpful in numerous ways when used effectively. For example, you can go online to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to learn new things and connect with new people. Also, Facebook groups such as Mindvalley, and those run by spiritual teachers the late Louise Hay and Mike Dooley, are specifically designed to make users feel good. Join these communities to get a boost to your endorphins when needed.

However, too much technology also has drawbacks, including high stress levels and negative effects on self-esteem and mood. As a result, it’s wise to take an e-break every so often. When you choose to do this and for how long is up to you, but many people find it helps to take at least one day off per week. This covers a break from not only social media but also from phone(s), emails and internet browsing.

If this doesn’t suit you or give you enough of a rest, try one week per month, or even a whole month tech detox each quarter or so. You’ll be amazed at how much lighter and happier you feel when you escape the tech merry-go-round, and how much time you have for other interests and pursuits.

Use your digital detox to spend quality time with your family and friends, to meditate more, cook healthy meals, exercise, catch up on sleep, read a good book, learn something new, laugh and play, or get out into nature.

Connect And Give Back

Another way to find true joy is to connect with others. This means more than having a meal per day with your family or reading the social media posts
of friends online. In this busy day and age, how much time do you spend each year meeting new people, and connecting deeply with those already in
your life?

As humans, we’re social creatures who can learn much from each other. Don’t stop yourself from taking advantage of the spiritual growth, joy, and peace of mind that comes from having in-depth conversations with interesting people, and deep belly laughs with new friends.