Editor’s Top Tips


To Live Your Best Life

In 2019 – Part 2

In the last edition of Health Wisdom Magazine, editor in chief Elanya van Heerden shared part 1 of this three-part series. To increase your overall happiness and well-being, here are more of her top tips for living your best life in 2019.


Travelling is one of the best things you can do to improve life satisfaction levels. Getting out of a rut, having a change of scenery, meeting new people, and creating memorable experiences to look back on will boost your spirit in no time at all.

Broadening your horizons will enable you to see the bigger picture in your life, and to let go of more of the little things – you know, the ones you stress about at home but soon forget about when seeing just how awe inspiring the world can be?

It doesn’t matter whether you head off on a holiday an hour away from home, take a quick weekend getaway interstate, go overseas for a work trip, or tick off that bucket list holiday you’ve always wanted to do; just let your mind, body, and spirit roam for a period to recharge.

Travel enhances spirituality since it reminds us of how connected we all are and how many wonders there are on Earth. Being in a different place can give you peace of mind that can act as an anchor for you to keep returning to, well after your trip is over. Travelling also helps people boost their social and communication skills, and their confidence levels, and it promotes greater tolerance for uncertainty (especially if you travel to places that run on their own schedules!).

While you see the world, you’ll probably do more walking than usual – and other physical activities too, which is good for your health. Seeing and experiencing new things is also a plus when it comes to creativity. Most people find that it’s during a trip away that they think of an innovative solution to a problem or come up with a brilliant idea that boosts their career or even leads them on a new path altogether.

If you don’t have a holiday booked in for the rest of the year yet, now is the time to start thinking and planning. Even if your finances are so tight that you can’t afford a vacation, at least spend time reading travel magazines or books, browsing Pinterest, and watching movies set in exotic locales. This will help you to get in a different frame of mind even without leaving home.

Forgiveness isn’t easy or quick, but it does make a huge difference in your life ”


To enjoy the life of your dreams, you must strive to always improve yourself.
A prime way to do this is to keep learning. Set yourself monthly goals related to topics you want to learn about or skills you want to develop. These could be for your career, health, relationships, hobbies, communication skills, finances, or some other facet of your life.

You might decide, for instance, to take a cooking class, enroll in a business course, take up knitting, grow your own produce, learn how to use a new computer program, develop an appreciation for wine, train for a marathon, or join an improvisation comedy group (laughing is good for the soul, after all). Think about what you want to achieve and enjoy in life, and then find ways to learn new things related to these aspirations.

Learning is beneficial in numerous ways. For example, it puts you outside of your comfort zone, which is where personal growth happens. It’s invigorating, improves confidence when you discover you can do more than you thought, it makes it easier to meet new people, and it keeps the brain active and healthy.


Forgiveness isn’t easy or quick, but it does make a huge difference to your life. As U.S. radio host Bernard Meltzer is credited with saying, “When you forgive, you in no way change the past – but you sure do change the future.” Forgiveness isn’t something you do for others, necessarily, but rather something vital to living your best life. When you forgive someone else, or yourself (just as important), you make peace with the pain and let it go. Only then can you move forward and reach your goals.

Avoid carrying around resentment, anger, and hatred with you for years, as this traps you in an internal prison cell and weighs you down. It makes it harder to be confident, resilient, persistent, hopeful, focused, kind, productive, and to have fruitful relationships. The sooner you work on your acceptance of what is, and forgiving mistakes, the lighter you will feel. You’ll be amazed by how far you can soar after making the change.

Try out some of these tips during the coming months and notice any changes that manifest in your life, externally or internally.

Keep an eye out for the last article of this series in our next edition of Health Wisdom Magazine.