As our lives become increasingly busy – work, children, trying to juggle a personal life – you may find yourself in a constant state of high alert and stress. You spend your days feeling like the hamster on the wheel and struggle to put down the day’s tasks come nightfall. Your inner calm? What’s that again?

Life has plenty of obstacles that derail you and throw you off path, but finding your calm and getting back on track doesn’t have to be a huge task. Despite how busy and chaotic your life feels, there are simple and quick ways to reconnect with your inner calm and become more productive, happier and healthier as a result.

Playful paws
Taking five minutes to sit and pat a beloved pet, play with them or even just watch them frolic in the yard will leave you feeling calmer. This is because your body produces the feel good hormone oxytocin when engaging in pleasant activities, which has the magical effect of melting stress away. If you don’t have a pet, seek out some of those viral funny cat videos online for a laugh!

Exercise for stress relief
Exercising is a very simple strategy, but for some people having time to go to a gym or participate in classes isn’t a reality. However, small walks are just as effective as an hour sweat session at the gym when it comes to finding calmness in your day. Ideally, take your walk outside in a beautiful natural environment, such as on the beach or in the forest. You will return calm and focused, ready to tackle your next project or task with clarity and motivation.

Get creative
Having a creative outlet is another excellent way to release some tension and find your inner calm. Whether it’s writing, drawing, painting, singing or dancing, expressing your feelings through art is a tried and true way to find your inner calm. You also have the opportunity to make something beautiful and powerful at the same time! If you don’t have a
creative outlet just yet, try some out and see what works for you.

The principle is simple – a clear and tidy space makes for a clear and tidy mind. At work, a well-organised and clutter-free station will help you stay on top of your professional game, and not feel like tasks are piling up on top of you. Keep your house in the same manner and you will feel more calm and at ease when you return home at the end of a long day. Declutter one space at a time to avoid overwhelm. Perhaps starting with your pantry or wardrobe, or clearing out that mountain of body washes and bath bombs in the cupboard. At work, take 10 minutes each day between jobs to go through one drawer or shelf at a time. Taking these small steps to tidy your space will immediately make you feel a little freer and calmer.

Letting go
In a world where we are all vying the ultimate success and perfection, it can be hard to accept there are things that we cannot change. Attempting to control everything and everyone will simply leave you exhausted. Let go, outsource and delegate, and spend your time and energy enjoying the company of loved ones and moving your own goals forward instead.

Despite how busy you are each day, finding your inner calm does not have to be a huge task.Discover ways that work for you and build them into your daily routine, and you will enjoy greater health, happiness and productivity as a result.