From Frazzled to Focus


Master Tips for Positive, Lasting Change

with Francinne O’Rourke

“We are given so many choices and opportunities today – to have to be and do it all…but at what cost?”

Tired, overwhelmed, frazzled… we reach for the stars, only to find we become burnt out before we can shine. Personal mastery coach Francinne O’Rourke knows all too well the perils of trying to have, to be, and do it all, but has now turned her life around and made it her mission to help other women do the same.

“I was an ambitious busy entrepreneur -the play button of my life was stuck on fast forward and I was focused on the destination of ‘being a success’,” she said.

“I found myself constantly busy with ‘stuff’ that seemed to fill up my world – helping people, work projects, family, holidays. Whilst I was constantly doing I was never truly present or enjoying my life. I thought I had to have all the answers, failure was NOT an option, and asking for help never entered my mind. I needed people to approve of me and then maybe I would feel ok, but it was exhausting, isolating and not much fun.”

Francinne reached a point in her life where she became forced to push the pause button instead of the constant fast-forward. She realised she no longer knew who she was or what she truly stood for, and it was time to make a significant change.

“I was lost at sea and my best efforts to pull myself out of my misery and depression kept me stuck in the same spot. I was a failure in my own mind… and it felt terminal.

“Eventually, realising that I didn’t have the answers, I put my big girls knickers on’ and asked for help and I gave myself permission to be vulnerable and a learner. I went and saw a career coach and she loosened my ideas of who I felt I had to be to achieve success, and once loosened it created options and opportunities for me to find a new way of ‘doing’ life.”

Over the 10 years following her realisation, Francinne took on the challenge of truly getting to know herself, as she phrases it; “placing one building block on top of the other to come to a place of self-acceptance, self-love and a deep knowing that ‘I am enough’ and I will be ok no matter what”.

Through the process of rediscovering herself, Francinne came to realise that she had a wealth of inspiration, motivation and experience to share others facing the same turmoil she found herself in, and became a mindset and personal mastery coach in her own right.

Developing her Mastering the Art of Personal Success program has seen Francinne work and interact with over 1,500 women, and this is only the beginning. Together, they move out of frazzled and into focused, break free from their comfort zones and discard the blockages that have held them in place for too long.

“The hardest journey that anyone will undertake is the one from who they are right now, to who they want to be”

– Francinne O’Rourke

“I don’t want anyone to be in the emotional pain that I was in – for years – when I know that with the right tools, understanding and support, pain can be resolved and fears and old beliefs keeping someone stuck, can be removed quickly. That with clarity and focus, your ‘why’ becomes bigger than your excuses and you start being pulled towards your goals rather than constantly pushing,” she said.

Over her carefully curated 12-week course, Francinne and her team take clients on a journey of discovery to declutter their mind while they discover and accept who they truly are. They set meaningful goals, define their own success (as opposed to what society dictates) and learn simple, practical techniques to quiet the mind and stay focused on what really matters each day. It is only then that they can reach what people describe as their ‘true potential’.

“From that position of knowledge and internal strength, they can move forward to define their own idea of success, set goals that are aligned with their values and leveraging their talents – to live a fulfilling life – intentionally by design – and discarding their the roadblocks to success along the way,” Francinne explains.

“The hardest journey that anyone will undertake is one from who they are right now, to who they want to be. However, in order to reach your true potential, you first need to become powerfully YOU. That means being okay with who you are, truly knowing and accepting yourself ‘warts and all’; being comfortable in your own skin and letting go of old beliefs, ideas and conditioning that are keeping you stuck.”

Mastering The Art of Personal Success focuses very much on practical, versatile tools to guide clients, while allowing flexibility to make positive changes in today’s busy world. Taking care of yourself need not take hours – that is not practical – but we can all find 20-30 minutes each day to relax, reflect and put positive behaviours in play.

For example, some of Francinne’s personal favourite tools and tips include:

Hours of power: Every morning and evening – schedule ‘me time’ to reflect, quiet the mind and plan/review the day. This will save you hours of time from procrastination and allow you to be more present throughout your day.

Become a planner: Schedule in non-negotiable time with your children and partner. Schedule holidays and time for self-care (would you cancel on your doctor last minute? Don’t do it to yourself either!)

Clarify your true priorities: What are your big tasks that will move you ahead on a daily basis? Schedule one in per day.

Create a masterlist of your to-dos and projects: Then, schedule three personal, three professional and one personal moment everyday. Only when they are finished, go back to your master list and take on some more. This will work to increase your sense of completion/fulfillment, reduce overwhelm, reduce procrastination and therefore increases productivity.

Emotions Checklist: Tick off the emotions that run you on a daily basis. An increased awareness enables you to transform from responsible to response-ABLE.

Make self-care a priority: If you don’t, no-one else will.

For those who are especially time-poor, Francinne has developed The Art of Personal Success TOOLBOX offers bite-sized nuggets of information and practical advice to dip into whenever the need arises. Topics include motivation, procrastination, negative self-talk, lack of self-belief and imposter syndrome – things we can all identify with at some point or another.

Another short program that has proven very popular is the 5 Day Goal-Getter Challenge, where participants work through five steps to setting powerful, meaningful, achievable goals and develop the skills to implement them at the same time.

Francinne encourages us all to learn to use our strengths to move forward, rather than constantly fighting against our perceived weaknesses. There is no ‘quick fix’ for health and happiness, but an awareness, shift in perspective and open mind will go a long way to finally reaching those stars that have been out of our orbit for so long.“Once you master yourself…your reaction to life… there is nothing in this world (that you truly want) that you will not be able to achieve.”

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