Healthy is Becoming Stereotyped


In this thoughtful blog article, registered dietician Diana Chard talks about the misrpresentation of healthy and fit in the healthcare industry. She laments at how, when one googles the word healthy, images of skinny white young men and women would litter your screen. “All these images do is serve to reinforce the popular beliefs that we hold around body size, health, and personal responsibility. To reinforce the stigma against larger bodies and the false assumption that smaller bodies are always healthy bodies and the result of healthy personal choices,” she writes.

It’s an impressive blog whose point is about the misinformation that the healthcare industry might be subliminally sending people – that only skinny is healthy.

It’s not a very healthy way to look at the issue (pun intended). We at Health Wisdom Magazine do not condone this type of stereotyping of healthy. This article is an excellent place to start if we really wish to break that default image of healthy.

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