How Prioritizing Your Health is Paramount to Reaching Professional Success Too


As we move ahead in our careers we should give health more priority. However, the opposite is happening. The daily grind to make it to the top is making us forget about health altogether. It’s a good thing that there are constant reminders for in magazine articles and journals to make health more of a priority.

In this article from Forbes, real estate mogul DC Fawcett shares with us some tips on how to make health a priority despite her gruelling schedule. “When I was first starting my real estate business, my life was completely unbalanced as I focused almost 100% of my time and effort to my business. This took a personal toll, and since that realization I’ve been committed to weekly health education, proper nutrition and exercise,” she writes.

This piece is full of useful nuggets of wisdom from a person who knows what she’s talking about. Fawcett is at the top of her game and we’re pretty sure you can get to the same levels if only you can prioritize health as well.

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