How The Multitasking Mindset Can Actually Be Productive


Humans just aren’t designed to take more than one task at a time. Believing any different can sometimes be deadly. Texting and driving, for example, is something that sounds easy enough to do but the data say otherwise.

In this article, we read about how a simple mental shift can have a huge effect on productivity. “While adding extra tasks to your load at any given moment (trying to literally multitask) hurts performance — by causing you to lose time and mental energy by shifting between tasks or topics — thinking about a single task as a multitask improves performance, her research found, particularly when the task you’re mentally reframing is a boring one,” it reads.

It’s a great article that offers up so much information that we at Health Wisdom Magazine can’t help ourselves but share it. It’s a great resource on how to deal with that occasional mundane task that only you can do properly.

Read the source article at Thrive Global