Justin Bieber’s Lyme Diagnosis Sparks Debate About Human Compassion


Justin Bieber’s admission that he’s been suffering from Lyme disease has sparked some interesting conversations. This article from The Mighty shares one of them.

It’s called Why the Reaction to Justin Bieber’s Lyme Diagnosis Is Unsettling. It’s by Victoria Rio and she has some really thought-provoking ideas to share. This one, in particular, really resonated with us:

It may just be Twitter, but it reflects the wider disenfranchisement and disregard faced by the Lyme community in general. I was deeply and personally hurt by the complete lack of sensitivity, compassion or basic respect shown these two devastating illnesses. The association with that pettiness threatens the credibility of Lyme disease. It demeans an illness for which there is already a lack of understanding and thus deprives its victims of compassion. It denigrates the constant and courageous struggle of people who are truly suffering.

It’s a fascinating piece. Read the rest of it to learn more…

Read the source article at The Mighty