Proper Moisturizing to Keep Your Skin Look Younger for Longer


We happened upon this report and immediately thought that we should share it here. It’s called 5 Moisturizers You Need To Try on Health Versed.

It’s by Jordana Weiss and she shares fascinating gems. This one, in particular, caught our attention:

As we age, it’s even more important to use an effective moisturizer that’s suited to your skin type, to ensure that you’re fighting off signs of visible aging like wrinkles. Moisturizers come in a number of different formulas and can be sold as a lotion, cream, or ointment. A lotion is the lightest formulation and is ideal for oily skin because it won’t add too much weight to skin that’s already burdened by excess oil. 

The article has some more interesting insights from Jordana Weiss so be sure the check out the rest.

Read the source article at Healthversed