Simple 10-Minute Activities That Can Help You Live Longer and Happier


Fitness, wellness, and diet programs are all geared towards making your stay here on planet Earth longer and better. However, you don’t really need someone to coach you to do a systematic program 100% of the time. Sometimes a less structured approach is enough to keep you fit, healthy, and happy.

Jenn Sinrich at Reader’s Digest has our backs on this end. In this well-written article, she gives us some general 10 tips on how we can live longer and happier that we can do in under 10 mins. She recommends getting enough sunlight, drinking moderate amounts of coffee, and most notably, she suggests having sex might be the keys to maintaining stable well-being.

There are plenty more tips as she lists 19 of them. We at Health Wisdom Magazine definitely think you should check out the full article at the link below. 

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