There’s a Diabetes Drug That Helps Brain Repair Too


Stumbled upon this noteworthy piece from Science Daily and thought that we would share it. The title is A Diabetes Drug Promotes Brain Repair – But It Only Works in Females.

It offers us some fascinating ideas. This one was particularly thought-provoking:

A closer look revealed that metformin selectively activated the adult female neural stem cells while having no effect on the males. This turned out to be due to the female sex hormone estradiol which somehow enhances the stem cells’ ability to respond to metformin. Conversely, the male hormone testosterone appears to inhibit this process. When female mice had their ovaries removed and lacked the female sex hormone, the stem cells did not respond to metformin treatment.

Give the rest of this remarkable piece of news a read for more information and context.

Read the source article at ScienceDaily