What You Have to Know About Elimination Diets


Here’s a fascinating article from the Women’s Health Magazine. It’s called An Elimination Diet Might Be The Answer To All Of Your Stomach Pain—If You Do It Right.

IIn it, Laura Newcomer and Elizabeth Bacharach share some of their knowledge. here’s one that we thought was fascinating:

Since there are so many possibilities that could be to blame for your body’s distress, figuring out which food (or foods) that are actually at fault can be a little tricky. One common way to ID the problem? Performing an elimination diet, which, yes, involves eliminating certain foods from your diet only to gradually reintroduce them to identify the specific trouble makers. 

Take a look at the rest of this article for more information and context. It might just help you with your food-induced discomfort…

Read the source article at Women’s Health