What You Should Know About Interval Training and HIIT


HIIT programs are experiencing an upsurge of popularity lately but are they really more beneficial for our bodies to burn more calories for short bursts? This excellently written article from Laura Hoxworth aims to dive deeper into these claims.

The piece highlights a study that says HIIT, while it does burn more calories in a short period of time, does not have a significant effect on the metabolic processes of the body. “While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach for health and well-being, by figuring out how different “doses” of exercise affect the body – down to the cellular level – Malin and his team hope their results add to this growing body of research,” writes Hoxworth.

It’s an excellent article that promotes a better understanding of an exercise trend that you may have thought about doing. So if you ever even thought about it, We at Health Wisdom Magazine highly encourage you to read this first before going in blindly into a new exercise regime.

Read the source article at UVA Today