Why We’re More Likely To Get Depressed During Winter


Stumbled upon this piece from Psychology Today and thought that it would make for an interesting read. It’s called Winter Depression: Separating Facts From Fiction.

It shares some thought-provoking findings. Heres’ one that we thought was intriguing:

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 92% of the population reports some sort of winter blues. The effects of seasonal depression are even greater if you are going through a stressful experience like job hunting, relationship problems or infertility.

Here’s how it works: Lower levels of light mean lower blood pressure, which makes us sleepy, lower blood sugar, which makes us sleepy, slower brain waves, which makes us sleepy and more carb consumption—which make us sleepy.

The full article shares some really deep insights so do give it a read at the link below…


Read the source article at Psychology Today