Work Might Be Killing You Slowly


Work can be sabotaging our health and wellness even more than we realize. This article on The Lifestyle Library claims that women at work especially in high-ranking positions, tend to suffer more underlying issues than obvious ones.

The article lists 5 ways work might slowly be killing you. It deals with issues such as stress, fatigue, and lifestyle problems that women often suffer from at work.

“Research on 1,001 full-time UK workers found that 56% admitted to suffering from stress and 42% call in sick claiming a physical illness, when in reality it’s a mental health issue,” reads the article.

It also suggests creative ways on how to deal with these issues such as getting a workout buddy.

This is a highly recommended article that we at Health Wisdom encourage you to read. It’ll change your perspective on a lot of things including making time for workouts and managing people.

Read the source article at The Lifestyle Library